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His Old Favorite

This time, I’m speaking about my husband… not my son (see previous post) 😉

These are Pogs. My husband still has his from when he was a kid, so he dug them out to show me after being reminded of them by something that happened on Pawn Stars. He said that he used to play the game with his cousin all the time. When he brought them out, he realized that his favorite Pogs, Kawasaki ones, somehow got ruined… so we didn’t get to take any photographs of them. He has tons and tons and tons and TONS. Here are a few of my favorites 🙂

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Not Exactly…

Not exactly a silhouette, but the best I could do (as I followed my husband/my four year old/my one year old through a cave, carrying my six month old in my arms, without falling on the slippery ground *wink*).

Not exactly a silhouette, but not too shabby either (considering all of the circumstances *wink*).

In Daddy’s Hands

I have decided to enter this photo into the weekly photo challenge over at I♥Faces. This week, week eight, the challenge is “Hands-on Fun.” I took this photo of my husband and our youngest child earlier today. This is the first time I have ever entered one of the photo challenges over there because the photos are usually required to have faces in them. The only faces I ever get to photograph are the cute faces of my family & we all know how I don’t share those publicly. After seeing what was happening over at I♥Faces though, and how they switched it up a bit for this week, I felt that now would be perfect timing for me to enter and have some fun! I need to share my photos more often and maybe this will help lead me to doing so. So, here’s to doing some new things this year 😀

Click on the cute little logo ↑above↑ to go to I♥Faces & view all the entries for this week 🙂


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Happy Birthday!


Happy Anniversary!

Five and a half years – I love you!!!!!