Still doing this.

I haven’t stopped with this photo project already so please have faith and believe in me *lol*

I’m taking photos every day… it’s just getting the time to get them on the computer and shared here.

I have a 3 year old son (he’ll be 4 on the 19th), a 1 year old daughter and a 6 day old daughter.

I might have to start waiting until Sunday and post all of the photos on their corresponding days.

Or maybe it’d be easier on me to make this a 52 week photo project and just post one photo per week.

Decisions, decisions!

Be looking for some photos asap though!



2 thoughts on “Still doing this.

  1. PhotoJoe says:

    Hi, I like what you’ve done so far. I just started a 52 week project myself (, 365 seemed way too demanding! Keep it up, you’ve got some nice shots that would be good in a 52 or 365 project.

  2. Misty Sparks says:

    Thank you! Yeah, I think I got myself in over my head with the 365 (..finding time!! ah!) and will go for the 52 week project instead. I’m adding the link to your blog over to the right →

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