RIP Frank :(

Loved by us and in our home from Thursday-Sunday.
He went to that great hermit crab place in the sky earlier today.
So, another trip to Petland was needed.
Frank 2 was bought and a switch was successful.
Our son doesn’t know the difference, but he likes that ‘Frank’ is now really active 🙂
Razzi is still doing really good.
We also have a Tweetie now as well.
My husband cleaned out his old aquarium and we moved them into their larger home.
We told our little boy that Frank likes having a lot of room to run and play now.

Raspberry (aka Razzi), Frank (the second) and Tweetie:
{don’t mind the quality}





2 thoughts on “RIP Frank :(

  1. sheila says:

    I never knew that crabs can have such "interesting" shells. How cute. Hope the kids enjoy them!

  2. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thanks! They are cute. & I'm not afraid to give them new food and water because they're not fast enough to get to me.. I can just pick 'em up and move 'em over *lol*

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