Fix-it-Friday Week 21



•My edit
-Corrected color cast
-Lightened eyes
-Removed some extra color casts that remained throughout the face
-Blurred background

•My second edit (all steps added onto my first edit)
-Slight skin smoothing
-Removed blue/cyan from his hair and suit
-Dodged/Burned background and areas of face
-Boosted eyes a tiny bit more

*Photo credit to: Cayle Ngo


17 thoughts on “Fix-it-Friday Week 21

  1. Jeni Michele says:

    Thank you for the comment, I like yours as well! Nice to meet you, it's always good to have other photographers to converse with 🙂

  2. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thanks, Jeni! And you're welcome. Nice to speak with you as well 🙂

  3. Mandy says:

    Love the details from the first edit. Freckles really stand out! Great job.

  4. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thanks, Mandy! I like his freckles a lot. Freckles are so cute!

  5. Monica Dyke says:

    You did an awesome job on the color correction! I also like that you kept the freckles.

  6. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thank you, Monica! 🙂

  7. Catharine says:

    I like the first one. clean and sharp. the second is too frothy for me. Is frothy a word? 😉

  8. Tara says:

    Your subtle changes really enhanced the photo while keeping it natural looking. Great edit!

  9. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thank you Catharine and Tara!I don't know if frothy is a word or not. We'll just pretend on the chance that it's not *lol*

  10. Jennifer Froh says:

    Beautiful! I love the second one.. so perfect 🙂

  11. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thank you, Jennifer!

  12. wenderful says:

    Very nice Misty. I like that you removed the color cast from his suit. I would not have thought of that.

  13. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thanks, Wenderful! I didn't even notice it on his suit until I started to edit the first photo a little bit more & seen that he had the blue/cyan in his hair & went to remove it.

  14. Kate - k8tography says:

    Both edits are wonderful! I can't choose which I like best. You have done a fantastic job!

  15. Caroline Ghetes Photography says:

    This is great! You did an awesome job with removing the color casting especially in his right eye! Must have taken you forever! Nice work : )

  16. Alice says:

    great edits and i appreciate the way you tell us step-by-step what you did. that helps me learn :)my edits are posted, too. feel free to come on over for a visit anytime :O).

  17. •Misty Sparks• says:

    Thank you Kate, Caroline and Alice! It didn't take too awful long to remove the casts. I've learned a lot while nosing around on the internet looking for different techniques. There are lots of helpful people out there willing to teach you!

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