Lay Down.

Here’s a photo of my little boy earlier this month playing on his Daddy’s lay-down. It’s what he races on the weekends.


My husband won first place weekend before last! Or, maybe it was the week before that.. I’m confused about which Saturday it was, but he got a pretty trophy that our little boy has claimed as his own! It now sits on my desk so he can see it on a daily basis instead of going to the garage with all the other trophies.

The “Mr. Perfect” isn’t my husband’s racing name. We just haven’t painted his over it since getting the lay down two years ago. We’re slow when it comes to the little things… we’ll get there eventually though πŸ˜‰


Sorry for the lack of updates. I recently updated my browser to Firefox 3.5 and have had nothing but trouble out of it since (growls!). I couldn’t log onto to Photobucket (and a lot of other sites), except once in a blue moon, without the browser crashing and I got tired of trying and losing all of my tabs. A few nights ago I uninstalled a bunch of silly tool-bars I had and things have been running a lot smoother since then. So hopefully I’ll be able to update more regularly.


2 thoughts on “Lay Down.

  1. sheila says:

    So Cute. I think all little boys want to be like their Daddy's. Or at least mine dose

  2. -β€’ Misty Sparks β€’- says:

    Thanks, Sheila! He does want to be like his Daddy and copies his every single move and bombards him with a million questions every time he talks. I can't say much about it just being a boy thing though… I tried to act just like my Dad when I was little, too. Major Daddy's Girl >right here< πŸ™‚ *lol*

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