One last photo.


April 26th, 2008. The last photo I ever took my husband and our son with my husband’s papaw. It breaks my heart to look at it knowing that. It’s not even that great… blurry, because I was trying to hurry before they seen me. But, it holds so much and is perfect in it’s own way.

He died in early June. He’d been in the hospital’s ICU for about two weeks after his truck was hit by a bus. He just couldn’t hold on any longer and my husband was the only one in the room with him because everybody stepped out to let him have a moment alone. But, he’d seen ‘Ma’ and had been calling out to her. ‘Ma’ is what he called my husband’s mamaw who passed away in late 2004.

I wish I would have got more photos of them and also some with my husband’s dad. They were all in the driveway that day watching our little boy play. I have photos of all of them at different points when we were standing out there. Just not one of all four of them together. I just wish I would have got one good one. But I’m happy for the ones that I did get and they are treasured.

I’m sad that our little boy will probably not being able to remember him since he was only two years old. Our daughter never got to meet him. I was pregnant at the time and we actually found out we were having a girl the day of his funeral. June 10th, 2008 – truly a bittersweet day.

Just take photos of all the people you love in life. They dont have to be perfect for them to be perfect because you just never know. Even if they’re a little blurry, they will still be loved and you’ll be oh-so-glad that you have anything rather than nothing at all!


Shutter Sister’s Bittersweet Post


6 thoughts on “One last photo.

  1. Sharon says:

    What a beautiful post!(shutter sisters)

  2. -• Misty Sparks •- says:

    Thank you, Sharon.

  3. Miss Red says:

    what a touching story! it’s a wonderful photo.

  4. -• Misty Sparks •- says:

    Thanks, Miss Red.

  5. CDScott says:

    Hi Misty – I like your blog and your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today.

  6. -• Misty Sparks •- says:

    Well, hello again! Thank you and you’re welcome 🙂

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