From Graceland, to You! {& more}

Went on vacation with my parents and two year old son July 14th-17th while my husband was in Ohio attending apprenticeship school for work. On the 16th, we were in Memphis and toured Elvis’ home. Graceland was really beautiful and I enjoyed it thoroughly! While walking to the Presleys’ grave sites, I got a shot of this statue. Or, would it be called a monument? Either way, it was stunning and I wanted to share 🙂



& then here are a few more shots I just wanted to share in this post.

Saturday, my husband finally got to race his laydown for the first time this season. Between work, school & weddings… he’s missed pretty much the whole race season.



After a color boost:


After making it vintage:


*SIDE NOTE* Oh, and our two year old wrecked his little 50 four wheeler there! Pushed the throttle and got away from me (cant really run being 27 weeks pregnant, but I tried really hard – running behind him and screaming the whole way!). He drove smack dab into the fence, flew over the handle bars, smacked head first into the fence and then crumpled to the ground beside the four wheeler. I have never been so scared in my entire life! He cried, but wasnt seriously hurt – just mostly scared of what happened. He got a little boo boo on his hip and ankle, a tiny scratch on his forehead and then a big bruise showed up on his arm a few days later. He could have been seriously injured, but God was watching over him and kept him protected from anything worse.

Ok, back to the photos. Sorry! Gotta share my Mommy experiences sometimes; good or bad!

Did you know that we have a goat? Yup, her name is Nosy… VERY fitting!


& finally, two purple flowers:




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